Severed Souls – About Us


We are a small family owned company located in Los Angeles, CA. At Nocturnal Creations LLC, we take pride in our work and deliver high quality products made here in the USA!  Our Masks are fully reinforced with Power-mesh. We use only the best, for molding and casting, SMOOTH ON is our product of choice! Severed Souls™ masks and products are exclusive, Custom made and one of a kind…

Since we have a small staff we work with one SPFX Artist, Simpat Beshirian, you can check out his site here Simpat mainly works alone which makes him a “one man FX team”. In the lab or on-set, Simpat is responsible for all designs and/or creations having to do with Nocturnal Creations, LLC and Severed Souls™.

We are happy to announce that we will also work with you on your production, whether it being in the lab or on-set, just email us with your requests!

We are open to private orders! Color Schemes may vary depending on our Client requests. CONTACT US BEFORE YOU ORDER A MASK!! Masks may take 2-3 weeks from production order. We do not stock masks, they are made to order. Our Products are made for Major Motion Pictures, productions, Haunted Attractions or if you’re just like us, Halloween enthusiasts!

~Severed Staff

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